The Power of the Mind

Image  The human brain is an incredible organ. We have not begun to the full potential and power it has. Our mind has the ability to create fictitious memories . It will also ignore important details on items that we see of a daily basis. Some people are granted extraordinary abilities to move objects with their minds while so are given an extra sensory gift to communicate with and see the other side.

But can we create a haunting with our minds? According to the Owen Group, it is possible. If you are not familiar with the Owen Group or the ghost of Philip read this first .  So is it possible for a homeowner/business owner in a new to them or existing location that begins to hear new noises like knocking, banging,creaks, and pops, let their imagination get the best of them and create a haunting? I believe it is possible.

I also believe the same statement to be true for paranormal investigators and          teams. I believe knowing a complete list of “alleged” paranormal activity that has taken place at the location as well as the exact spot of the alleged activity along with the complete history of the location being investigated can possibly influence the outcome and findings of an investigation. If it was possible for the Owen Group to create an entity and his history, is it so far fetched to think that a group of people investigating a location knowing it’s complete history and hotspots could possibly be creating the desired activity subconsciously?  Is it possible for the above mentioned people to subconsciously project thoughts and brainwaves which would be stronger as a group that are then received as direct responses through a spirit box or as an EVP. In essence, as investigators can we subconsciously create activity with our own minds to validate our own experiences as well as any activity our clients seem to believe they are experiencing?  Anything is possible.

How can we possibly eliminate this if in fact it is possible of occurring?  One way we, as a team try to eliminate this possibility is to know as little as possible about the location itself or it’s alleged paranormal activity. We do not perform historical research, ask about activity or ask about hotspots before or during our investigation. We do have each client complete a written questionnaire that has questions about the activity, whom it is centered around, what medications are being taken, any history of mental illness, and if they know any history of the site or legends related to the site. These questionnaires are not reviewed until after the investigation has been performed and all recordings and data have been analysed so that we may remain objective and unbiased during our investigation and do not focus all of our energy and equipment on hotspots in an attempt to validate or prove a haunting.

I believe to find the keys to unlocking the secrets of the paranormal, we need to adapt ourselves to new techniques and theories and dispose of the untested, unproven theories and techniques of yesterday. Remember the Mind is a powerful thing. Put it to use and be unique, develop your own theories. Don’t practice something you do not believe in simply because it is the popular thing to do or because a “para celeb” promotes it.

Just another one of my mindless rantings.