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My Story

I seem to get this request a lot of times from family members, clients, as well as new acquaintances, What made you decide to be a ghost hunter?  Well here is my story. It is as cliché as many others that have come and gone in the field and I thought it would make a nice first post to this blog I have been doing absolutely nothing with for over a year.

I, like many others, experienced unexplainable events when I was younger that my young mind couldn’t grasp. I have witnessed cabinet doors opening and closing themselves, front doors open that couldn’t be closed no matter what force was applied in an attempt to close them. They would simply close themselves when they were ready to do so. I heard the sound of a male voice carrying on a conversation when no one else was around. All these events took place in one house. I know they aren’t very frightening but to a child events like these will shake one to the very core of their existence. But as in many other instances, adults tell you these things don’t exist so one begins to block the experiences from their mind and move on.

Fast forward seven years . I had a friend that I worked with at my after school job, who was a few years older than I, that leased a house across town from me. It became the local hangout for the teens and other employees. After a few weeks of living there my friend began to notice a few odd occurrences that were taking place. For instances, we could leave the house with all the lights turned off and drive around the block to come back and find the light in one bedroom would be on upon our return. Our first thought was that it was a faulty electrical switch so we had an electrician come out and replace it. The problem continued so we had the electrician return and replace the light fixture. The problem continued but my friend learned to live with it. A few months after my friend moved in his younger brother moved in an took the bedroom that had the “faulty wiring” and that is when we noticed several more odd things about the house. The younger brother had a parrot that he kept in a cage at night and he placed the cage in his bedroom but upon trying to enter the room with the parrot , it began to flail wildly, squawk relentlessly, and throw itself against the window in an effort to escape the room. We didn’t really think much of it. We just thought the bird didn’t like the room being as it was a rather small bedroom, so we moved the cage to the living room and everything was fine. The other odd occurrence in that room was that you could place pocket change on the night stand or the dresser and return a few minutes later and it would have vanished into thin air. That is when we started to think something possibly paranormal was amiss. Shortly after moving in, the brother quit sleeping in the bedroom and began sleeping on the couch. When asked why he didn’t sleep in there, he stated, ” No matter what I do or what I set the thermostat on it is always so hot in there.” We would tease him and say that he was just scared of the boogey man. One night after a late night video game marathon, the brother laid back on the couch and I on the love seat. He reached over and grabbed a blanket and threw it over him and proceeded to go to sleep. Roughly 15 minutes later I heard him to tell me to stop. I asked him what he was talking about and he stated,” Stop trying to scare me by pulling on the blanket”. I replied “It’s not me, I am on the loveseat.” The sight that we both saw after the lamp was turned on made both our jaws drop. It was as if someone were standing at the end of the couch slowly pulling the blanket off of him. About the time the blanket had gotten to waist level the blanket forcefully flew across the room. Needless to say neither one of us occupied that house the rest of the night.  After getting over the initial fear of the incident and realizing that neither one of us had been harmed, we decided to ignore the problem for now.  Roughly six months later, the brothers inherited a car from a deceased uncle. One evening we were admiring the car as it sat under the carport and suddenly the interior lights and radio turn on in the car. Now keep in mind no one was in the car, the doors were locked, and the keys were in the house. My friend ran into the house grabbed the keys, unlocked the door, tuned the radio and interior light off. Upon locking the door and closing it, the light and radio came on again and my friend repeated the same above process only this time we disconnected the battery cables. The car didn’t remain at their residence much longer after that incident but it is truly the event that inspired us to look further into the things that we were always told didn’t exist.

The younger brother and I began to research local legends and ghostly tales and began to visit these locations in the hope to find answers to the questions, “Do ghosts exist?”, ” Is it possible that there is some sort of life after death?” Although most of the legends and haunting that we actually investigated were a bust, there were a few that left us scratching our heads. We spent every weekend tracking down the next legend or haunting and investigating it for a period of two years. Then, my partner in crime took a job in another state an moved away. I was left alone in my search for answers but I was no less determined than the day we started. I continued to investigate tales of hauntings mostly alone with occasional help from my brother or other friends that wanted to see what all the hoopla was about for the next 8 years. In 2008  I started creating message boards searching for possible new partners in an effort to create a team with lackluster results. Most of the people I met were all talk and would never show up or wouldn’t answer phone calls or emails. In 2009 I created a Facebook business page in an effort to attract possible new members on a larger scale with very successful results. The team quickly expanded to 6 members that worked together like a well oiled machine but as with anything good it didn’t last. Family schedules, work schedules, finances, and religious beliefs began to cause problems with scheduling and other aspects of operations. Today only 2 of the original 6 still remain but the roster is back up to 4 full time which I like to refer to as “The Core Four” and a multitude of part time members.

I have been occupying my little corner in the field for 13 years and it has amazed me at the way the field has changed and evolved, mostly for the worse. In the beginning you had small “grass root” organizations such as myself and others, with very limited tech searching for answers to what they may have experienced but that quickly changed. In 2004, Syfy debuted “Ghost Hunters” and a new breed came into existence, the adrenaline junkies. They emerged from every crack and crevice looking for a quick scare. The one good benefit to the mainstream popularity, new technology . Every since the para reality craze began more and more adrenaline junkies and fame hunters have come into the scene. I watch Facebook posts and Twitter feeds and see people begging and bribing people for likes and retweets. I see posts about photo shoots, promo videos, radio interviews, television interviews, and newspaper articles. I will admit I have given two radio interviews and a few interviews for newspaper articles but I never approached them so I could promote myself or the team. We were approached by them. I see so many teams trying to get a television show it is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, a show would be nice but only so we could share our side of the story. I mean look at what the television industry has done to the paranormal. We have Honey Boo Boo inbreds representing the field as well as a Roid rage emo on television being broadcast weekly. What good did we expect to come from this?  We had a very short lived “Mutiny” that became nothing more than a self promotion stunt. We have the cry for “Para Unity”, but yet the main supporters of it model their teams and personas after their favorite Para reality personality. The assumed personas are another thing that drives me absolutely nuts. So you decided to become a ghost hunter, now you have to dress like a goth with your Tap Out gear and take pictures with your arms crossed “mean muggin”. That’s one thing I can say about myself. I have no persona I hide behind. Ask anyone that knows me. They will tell you I am who I am and I tell it like it is. I don’t claim to be the best, I am just one man. We all need to join together and rid ourselves of the fame and fortune hunters and get back to business. We have become the clean up crew for our area. We get called in when another team botches an investigation or tries to hit the client up with an ungodly fee to return and share any evidence they may have captured.  We have been called in behind teams that have attempted to perform House blessing with a bottle of Dasani bottled water. One team in general has nearly 100 complaints against them that I have received in emails due to the fact their team name closely resembles ours. After convincing them that we are not the ones they are looking for we usually get called in in an effort to resolve the situation. I have seen a local team on the news using Ghost Radar as their main investigating technique. These people are the ones that need to be removed from the field.


I know this is a little long and drawn out but I figured I would give a little of my back story and ramble a little on the direction I see the field going.

This has been my two cents