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The Brown Mountain Lights

The Brown Mountain Lights are a topic I was recently ask to shed a little insight on during an interview with the Director of the new movie “Alien Abduction”. I tried to give a little background history on the phenomenon as well as provide possible natural explanations as to what may be causing it. This entry is a quick summary of what information I am aware of on The Brown Mountain Lights.

The Brown Mountain Lights are a phenomena that takes place on and around Brown Mountain in western North Carolina. They are viewable all times of the year but are reportedly more active between September and mid-November. Reports of these “ghost lights” allegedly originated over 800 years ago. The original sightings are alleged to have been reported by the Cherokee and Catawba Indian tribes and sightings are recorded from from Civil War soldiers. One of the local legends is of a loyal slave still wandering the mountainside looking for his master. This legend was later the basis of a bluegrass song by Scotty Wiseman titled, “The Brown Mountain Lights”. Other legends attribute the lights to extraterrestrial activity and reports of alien abductions.

My hypothesis on what is taking place is that the phenomena is natural in nature. I will not simply attribute the cause of the phenomena to swamp gases. That explanation seems to be the go-to explanation for skeptics everywhere. I could however see the cause being some type of radioactive emissions. However, I have seen footage of teams investigating the lights using Geiger counters and Gamma Ray detectors. On that same note, 99% of the footageout there is shot from long distances, so unless these lights are emitting radiation levels equivalent to a nuclear reactor melting down or solar flares then the distance between observer and the lights would make radiation detectors useless.

Another possible explanation that runs through my mind is a natural electrical phenomena that could be manifesting due to the high amounts of quartz crystals in the area. These crystals could be absorbing electrical charges from lightning strikes, static electricity, possibly even EMF energy and once the conditions are right these crystals then release their charge causing light anomalies. Again, the distance between observer and subject comes into play rendering the EMF detectors and other devices useless.

The lights may be paranormal in nature and I offer these hypotheses as possible natural explanations. I do find it hard to attribute the cause to extraterrestrials due to the phenomena being both observed in the sky as well on the ground. No footage has been produced, that I am aware of, that shows spacecraft of any kind or the existence of little gray or green men roaming the woods.

Thanks for reading my opinions on this paranormal phenomenon. As always, feel free to comment and offer your possible explanations. I would also like to hear from my readers on whether or not you like this type of post.



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