The Brown Mountain Lights

The Brown Mountain Lights are a topic I was recently ask to shed a little insight on during an interview with the Director of the new movie “Alien Abduction”. I tried to give a little background history on the phenomenon as well as provide possible natural explanations as to what may be causing it. This entry is a quick summary of what information I am aware of on The Brown Mountain Lights.

The Brown Mountain Lights are a phenomena that takes place on and around Brown Mountain in western North Carolina. They are viewable all times of the year but are reportedly more active between September and mid-November. Reports of these “ghost lights” allegedly originated over 800 years ago. The original sightings are alleged to have been reported by the Cherokee and Catawba Indian tribes and sightings are recorded from from Civil War soldiers. One of the local legends is of a loyal slave still wandering the mountainside looking for his master. This legend was later the basis of a bluegrass song by Scotty Wiseman titled, “The Brown Mountain Lights”. Other legends attribute the lights to extraterrestrial activity and reports of alien abductions.

My hypothesis on what is taking place is that the phenomena is natural in nature. I will not simply attribute the cause of the phenomena to swamp gases. That explanation seems to be the go-to explanation for skeptics everywhere. I could however see the cause being some type of radioactive emissions. However, I have seen footage of teams investigating the lights using Geiger counters and Gamma Ray detectors. On that same note, 99% of the footageout there is shot from long distances, so unless these lights are emitting radiation levels equivalent to a nuclear reactor melting down or solar flares then the distance between observer and the lights would make radiation detectors useless.

Another possible explanation that runs through my mind is a natural electrical phenomena that could be manifesting due to the high amounts of quartz crystals in the area. These crystals could be absorbing electrical charges from lightning strikes, static electricity, possibly even EMF energy and once the conditions are right these crystals then release their charge causing light anomalies. Again, the distance between observer and subject comes into play rendering the EMF detectors and other devices useless.

The lights may be paranormal in nature and I offer these hypotheses as possible natural explanations. I do find it hard to attribute the cause to extraterrestrials due to the phenomena being both observed in the sky as well on the ground. No footage has been produced, that I am aware of, that shows spacecraft of any kind or the existence of little gray or green men roaming the woods.

Thanks for reading my opinions on this paranormal phenomenon. As always, feel free to comment and offer your possible explanations. I would also like to hear from my readers on whether or not you like this type of post.



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The Future of the Paranormal

As the title states, this entry is my opinion on the future of the paranormal field and community. Just like our own future, we can take the easy route and flip the proverbial coin for the answer. Heads the future is bright or tails the future is bleak or we can assume an active role and influence the final outcome.

It is my belief that if we continue on the same downward spiral of feeding egos, seeking fame and fortune, and allowing the frauds to continue without the fear of consequences and repercussions, then we all are certainly doomed. I place the majority of the fault on the internet and social media. The internet has granted us with endless opportunities to educate ourselves and research topics that we normally wouldn’t have had access to material pertaining to, It gave us social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where we could make connections with other like minded individuals that we normally wouldn’t have had the pleasure of getting to know. The internet has given us so much potential but has also let us create our own monsters. These monsters come in the form of self proclaimed experts in a field without any defined standards of operations or formal training. The internet has made it entirely too easy for one to create a persona, self publish, recycle or blatantly plagiarize material in the forms of ebooks, articles, and other publications, and simply lie, cheat, and steal their way to fame and fortune.

April of 2014 will be my 13th year investigating and researching the paranormal. I have seen many changes come with the majority of them occurring in the last 5-7 years. We went from building teams with friends, neighbors, relatives, and members of our local communities to holding casting calls to build alleged “superstar” teams that couldn’t guarantee finding the keys and unlocking the secrets of the paranormal. To this day I am not aware of one shred of tangible, undeniable proof any of them have produced. Instead, I see them aligning with manufacturers and preaching the same weary theories from television. I am not aware of one new plausible theory that has come from the minds of the “experts” nor am I aware of any testing and experimenting performed on the established crap theories being pounded into the heads of the sheeple on the weekly reality shows.  I saw it go from investigators being armed with a notepad, pen, camera, and audio recording device to strolling into locations with thousands of dollars of blinky light gadgets, cellphone apps, and other technology all based off ideas and theories of their favorite reality show, self proclaimed expert. I saw the days where people begged for someone to help find a solution or reason to why they were experiencing paranormal activity and we are now at the point where it is cool to pay a location to let us investigate for fun.

As you can see, my assumption is the paranormal field/community has become all about the almighty dollar, entertainment, and popularity than about the actual research, investigations, and services we provide. Everyone now has a podcast, Youtube channel, or blog(myself included) where they can express their opinions, showcase their evidence, or try to build a following or alliance. Among the masses of sheeple there are few like myself who do not buy into the fandom and join in the rat race for popularity. I have a voice and I am not afraid to use it despite the fact it is falling mostly upon deaf ears. That is more than I can say for most of the paracelebs and podcast hosts that have built communities and gained large numbers of followers. I am not worried about the possibility of making someone angry and losing a follower/supporter. In fact,  if anything I say angers you or offends you I invite you to unfriend, unfollow, dislike, and unsubscribe. Go ahead! Click the button! That way you can go back to living in your close minded sheeple existence. I have my own set of standards and values and I will not compromise them to appease the masses.

My final thought is simply that the paranormal field/community is headed to Hell in a hand basket if we continue down this path, head first into a downward spiral of self-destruction. I am but one individual, one voice and I will continue to use it to fight for what I believe in, even if it means leading a one man charge straight into the belly of the beast. Until next time……….

Ouija Board: Harmless Toy or an instrument to guarantee the eternal damnation of one’s soul


The Ouija Board seems to be a topic of popular debate among the different sects of paranormal investigators and teams. Many believe it is a source of pure evil that is used to directly contact demons. It has been attributed as the cause of hauntings, demonic oppression, as well as demonic possession. I, for one, like to argue the validity of these claims.


   Before we continue, let us look at the history of the Ouija Board.


During the late 19th century, planchettes were widely sold as a novelty. Two businessmen Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard had the idea to patent a planchette sold with a board on which the alphabet was printed. The y filed on May 28, 1890 for patent protection and thus had invented the first Ouija board. Issue date on the patent was February 10, 1891. Sometime during 1901, William Fuld  started production of his own boards under the name “Ouija”. In 1966, Fuld’s estate sold the entire business to Parker Brothers, which was sold to Hasbro in 1991, and which continues to hold all trademarks and patents.


So let me get this straight. The Ouija Board is produced by Hasbro, which produces millions of popular toys. I’m sure a toy manufacturer would want to produce and sell an instrument of pure evil to millions of people including children. For Christ’s sake, they are sold at Walmart and ToysRUs. Even the scientific community argues the validity of the claims against the Ouija Board. They state that it operates solely on the ideomotor effect. For those not familiar with the ideomotor effect, it is defined as a psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously. So in other words your subconscious mind is causing you to make slight undetectable movements to aid in the movement of the planchette.


  My argument is simply this. What is the difference in using a Ouija board and conducting a paranormal investigation? Why are the millions of paranormal investigators not claiming  to have hauntings of their own or claiming to be either oppressed or possessed by evil demonic forces?, because they claims are caca del toro.  What is the difference between holding a planchette and asking questions of a spirit/entity and doing the same with a voice recorder? Nada, there isn’t one. What is the difference in asking yes and no questions with the board and doing the same with a K II or other EMF meter? There again, there isn’t any.  So I ask you again , If things as simple as a board printed with letters and numbers on it can cause hauntings and possessions, why aren’t there millions of “ghost hunters” coming forward claiming similar instances of activity when we are in essence performing the same actions but with only the use of technology?


You decide. I know many will argue that Ouija Boards are EVIL, but I continue to argue that they are harmless TOYS. 


The Power of the Mind

Image  The human brain is an incredible organ. We have not begun to the full potential and power it has. Our mind has the ability to create fictitious memories . It will also ignore important details on items that we see of a daily basis. Some people are granted extraordinary abilities to move objects with their minds while so are given an extra sensory gift to communicate with and see the other side.

But can we create a haunting with our minds? According to the Owen Group, it is possible. If you are not familiar with the Owen Group or the ghost of Philip read this first .  So is it possible for a homeowner/business owner in a new to them or existing location that begins to hear new noises like knocking, banging,creaks, and pops, let their imagination get the best of them and create a haunting? I believe it is possible.

I also believe the same statement to be true for paranormal investigators and          teams. I believe knowing a complete list of “alleged” paranormal activity that has taken place at the location as well as the exact spot of the alleged activity along with the complete history of the location being investigated can possibly influence the outcome and findings of an investigation. If it was possible for the Owen Group to create an entity and his history, is it so far fetched to think that a group of people investigating a location knowing it’s complete history and hotspots could possibly be creating the desired activity subconsciously?  Is it possible for the above mentioned people to subconsciously project thoughts and brainwaves which would be stronger as a group that are then received as direct responses through a spirit box or as an EVP. In essence, as investigators can we subconsciously create activity with our own minds to validate our own experiences as well as any activity our clients seem to believe they are experiencing?  Anything is possible.

How can we possibly eliminate this if in fact it is possible of occurring?  One way we, as a team try to eliminate this possibility is to know as little as possible about the location itself or it’s alleged paranormal activity. We do not perform historical research, ask about activity or ask about hotspots before or during our investigation. We do have each client complete a written questionnaire that has questions about the activity, whom it is centered around, what medications are being taken, any history of mental illness, and if they know any history of the site or legends related to the site. These questionnaires are not reviewed until after the investigation has been performed and all recordings and data have been analysed so that we may remain objective and unbiased during our investigation and do not focus all of our energy and equipment on hotspots in an attempt to validate or prove a haunting.

I believe to find the keys to unlocking the secrets of the paranormal, we need to adapt ourselves to new techniques and theories and dispose of the untested, unproven theories and techniques of yesterday. Remember the Mind is a powerful thing. Put it to use and be unique, develop your own theories. Don’t practice something you do not believe in simply because it is the popular thing to do or because a “para celeb” promotes it.

Just another one of my mindless rantings.

My Story

I seem to get this request a lot of times from family members, clients, as well as new acquaintances, What made you decide to be a ghost hunter?  Well here is my story. It is as cliché as many others that have come and gone in the field and I thought it would make a nice first post to this blog I have been doing absolutely nothing with for over a year.

I, like many others, experienced unexplainable events when I was younger that my young mind couldn’t grasp. I have witnessed cabinet doors opening and closing themselves, front doors open that couldn’t be closed no matter what force was applied in an attempt to close them. They would simply close themselves when they were ready to do so. I heard the sound of a male voice carrying on a conversation when no one else was around. All these events took place in one house. I know they aren’t very frightening but to a child events like these will shake one to the very core of their existence. But as in many other instances, adults tell you these things don’t exist so one begins to block the experiences from their mind and move on.

Fast forward seven years . I had a friend that I worked with at my after school job, who was a few years older than I, that leased a house across town from me. It became the local hangout for the teens and other employees. After a few weeks of living there my friend began to notice a few odd occurrences that were taking place. For instances, we could leave the house with all the lights turned off and drive around the block to come back and find the light in one bedroom would be on upon our return. Our first thought was that it was a faulty electrical switch so we had an electrician come out and replace it. The problem continued so we had the electrician return and replace the light fixture. The problem continued but my friend learned to live with it. A few months after my friend moved in his younger brother moved in an took the bedroom that had the “faulty wiring” and that is when we noticed several more odd things about the house. The younger brother had a parrot that he kept in a cage at night and he placed the cage in his bedroom but upon trying to enter the room with the parrot , it began to flail wildly, squawk relentlessly, and throw itself against the window in an effort to escape the room. We didn’t really think much of it. We just thought the bird didn’t like the room being as it was a rather small bedroom, so we moved the cage to the living room and everything was fine. The other odd occurrence in that room was that you could place pocket change on the night stand or the dresser and return a few minutes later and it would have vanished into thin air. That is when we started to think something possibly paranormal was amiss. Shortly after moving in, the brother quit sleeping in the bedroom and began sleeping on the couch. When asked why he didn’t sleep in there, he stated, ” No matter what I do or what I set the thermostat on it is always so hot in there.” We would tease him and say that he was just scared of the boogey man. One night after a late night video game marathon, the brother laid back on the couch and I on the love seat. He reached over and grabbed a blanket and threw it over him and proceeded to go to sleep. Roughly 15 minutes later I heard him to tell me to stop. I asked him what he was talking about and he stated,” Stop trying to scare me by pulling on the blanket”. I replied “It’s not me, I am on the loveseat.” The sight that we both saw after the lamp was turned on made both our jaws drop. It was as if someone were standing at the end of the couch slowly pulling the blanket off of him. About the time the blanket had gotten to waist level the blanket forcefully flew across the room. Needless to say neither one of us occupied that house the rest of the night.  After getting over the initial fear of the incident and realizing that neither one of us had been harmed, we decided to ignore the problem for now.  Roughly six months later, the brothers inherited a car from a deceased uncle. One evening we were admiring the car as it sat under the carport and suddenly the interior lights and radio turn on in the car. Now keep in mind no one was in the car, the doors were locked, and the keys were in the house. My friend ran into the house grabbed the keys, unlocked the door, tuned the radio and interior light off. Upon locking the door and closing it, the light and radio came on again and my friend repeated the same above process only this time we disconnected the battery cables. The car didn’t remain at their residence much longer after that incident but it is truly the event that inspired us to look further into the things that we were always told didn’t exist.

The younger brother and I began to research local legends and ghostly tales and began to visit these locations in the hope to find answers to the questions, “Do ghosts exist?”, ” Is it possible that there is some sort of life after death?” Although most of the legends and haunting that we actually investigated were a bust, there were a few that left us scratching our heads. We spent every weekend tracking down the next legend or haunting and investigating it for a period of two years. Then, my partner in crime took a job in another state an moved away. I was left alone in my search for answers but I was no less determined than the day we started. I continued to investigate tales of hauntings mostly alone with occasional help from my brother or other friends that wanted to see what all the hoopla was about for the next 8 years. In 2008  I started creating message boards searching for possible new partners in an effort to create a team with lackluster results. Most of the people I met were all talk and would never show up or wouldn’t answer phone calls or emails. In 2009 I created a Facebook business page in an effort to attract possible new members on a larger scale with very successful results. The team quickly expanded to 6 members that worked together like a well oiled machine but as with anything good it didn’t last. Family schedules, work schedules, finances, and religious beliefs began to cause problems with scheduling and other aspects of operations. Today only 2 of the original 6 still remain but the roster is back up to 4 full time which I like to refer to as “The Core Four” and a multitude of part time members.

I have been occupying my little corner in the field for 13 years and it has amazed me at the way the field has changed and evolved, mostly for the worse. In the beginning you had small “grass root” organizations such as myself and others, with very limited tech searching for answers to what they may have experienced but that quickly changed. In 2004, Syfy debuted “Ghost Hunters” and a new breed came into existence, the adrenaline junkies. They emerged from every crack and crevice looking for a quick scare. The one good benefit to the mainstream popularity, new technology . Every since the para reality craze began more and more adrenaline junkies and fame hunters have come into the scene. I watch Facebook posts and Twitter feeds and see people begging and bribing people for likes and retweets. I see posts about photo shoots, promo videos, radio interviews, television interviews, and newspaper articles. I will admit I have given two radio interviews and a few interviews for newspaper articles but I never approached them so I could promote myself or the team. We were approached by them. I see so many teams trying to get a television show it is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, a show would be nice but only so we could share our side of the story. I mean look at what the television industry has done to the paranormal. We have Honey Boo Boo inbreds representing the field as well as a Roid rage emo on television being broadcast weekly. What good did we expect to come from this?  We had a very short lived “Mutiny” that became nothing more than a self promotion stunt. We have the cry for “Para Unity”, but yet the main supporters of it model their teams and personas after their favorite Para reality personality. The assumed personas are another thing that drives me absolutely nuts. So you decided to become a ghost hunter, now you have to dress like a goth with your Tap Out gear and take pictures with your arms crossed “mean muggin”. That’s one thing I can say about myself. I have no persona I hide behind. Ask anyone that knows me. They will tell you I am who I am and I tell it like it is. I don’t claim to be the best, I am just one man. We all need to join together and rid ourselves of the fame and fortune hunters and get back to business. We have become the clean up crew for our area. We get called in when another team botches an investigation or tries to hit the client up with an ungodly fee to return and share any evidence they may have captured.  We have been called in behind teams that have attempted to perform House blessing with a bottle of Dasani bottled water. One team in general has nearly 100 complaints against them that I have received in emails due to the fact their team name closely resembles ours. After convincing them that we are not the ones they are looking for we usually get called in in an effort to resolve the situation. I have seen a local team on the news using Ghost Radar as their main investigating technique. These people are the ones that need to be removed from the field.


I know this is a little long and drawn out but I figured I would give a little of my back story and ramble a little on the direction I see the field going.

This has been my two cents


Welcome! My first post will be an introduction as to what this blog will used for. Ramblings of a Paranormal Investigator will be just that,my ramblings and thoughts on issues and happenings in the paranormal field. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but I do ask that if you disagree with anything I post that you will discuss it in an educated, adult manner.